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...and I'm a film director based in North London. 

With an innate storytelling sensibility and obsession for all things visual, I love to blend timeless cinematography with emerging technologies and techniques. My work spans across commercial, branded content, documentary and music video. 

Drawn towards the surreal, sci fi and the mythical, I like to instill as many of my pieces as possible with what I call 'a little bit of magic'.

I’ve worked on productions big and small, all around the world, with amazing clients like Logitech x Herman Miller, Uber, Speedo, the IHG Group, Bondi Sands, Thorpe Park, the London Philharmonic Orchestra, BBC Storyworks x Dubai Tourism Board,  Panasonic or Samsung (among many others, equally as exciting and lovely). 


I have extensive experience working with real people and businesses and love guiding people who’ve never been in front of the camera through the process. I believe there’s something incredibly special in capturing raw emotions, especially when not working with professional talent, and I am always excited at the prospect of bringing to life real stories. 

An integral part of my body of work is my aesthetic. Making everything look amazing, captivating and unique is as much a priority as getting the narrative right. 

Having worked on various formats along the years, from live entertainment shows to TV commercials, online content, music videos, documentaries and short films, allowed me to play with an insane volume of narrative approaches and devices. There’s endless ways to tell a story and that is something that I use as my basis whenever I get a new brief - how can we tell this story right, where should we begin and what’s the aim of this film? 


As the brief is relatively limited and I’m not sure on the direction of the creative, I have chosen to present a few different things in the form of stills, ‘loopable moving image magic’ referencing differen aspects of my work and direct links to full edits.

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This first selection features a variety of lighting setups that I have directed. From gorgeous, daytime golden hour scenes, to more experimental moods, I love crafting strong lighting setups that give powerful cues into the narrative, the character’s environments and the overall feel of each piece. 

I usually work with three or four different trusted DoPs in creating the right lighting designs depending on client and brief, but I’m always open to trying new people on and enjoy working with new crews. 


This sequence highlights scenes where the talent is made up of everyday people and businesses (one of my favorite things to work with). They’re either from documentaries I directed over the years or branded/ internal brand films. I left all these sequences without sound for a laser focus attention only on the matter at hand. 


In this little mashup edit, I wanted to show a few of my preferred camera moves and the overall visual language I tend to use - floaty shots, lots of slow, controlled movement executed using sliders, mechanical or motorized jibs, easy rigs, or steadi cam, as well as robotic arms for high impact shots. 


I love infusing movement into my frames and allowing them to breath at a similar pace to how we experience life in real-time - only smoother :). 



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