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Anda Teglas is a London based filmmaker, who began her career in TV production over 10 years ago. Since transitioning to directing, she’s created work for brands such as Logitech and Herman Miller, Uber or Bondi Sands to name just a few.


Her first independent feature documentary, ’13 Shades of Romanian’, a multi-award winning film that tackles topics such as social inclusion, love and the everyday journeys of immigrants settled in the UK, has been distributed on TV ground and VoD and has won 6 awards and 9 official selection nominations at film festivals around the world.


Anda’s work ranges from commercial and film, to  music video, documentary and online content, and is marked by a personal & powerful approach to storytelling. She’s passionate about bringing to life meaningful stories that aim at encouraging change, pushing the boundaries and changing perceptions. Through her work, she blends classical, timeless cinematography with emerging technology and techniques. 


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